Monday, December 27, 2010

2010: My first blog, at the end of a decade.

Ten years seems like a lot. It feels like I was so much younger and really just beginning to figure out who I was going to be.  I remember New Year’s Eve of 1999, climbing up the side of a building.  There was a big party in a tanning salon on lower Queen Anne that had been transformed for NYE. We stood on the rooftop and counted down as the Space Needle exploded into fireworks as the whole town celebrated.  I think everyone was subconsciously looking around to see if all the power would go out and the Y2K pandemonium would begin.  But it didn’t.  I guess that was actually 11 years ago, but it started off our new millennium.
Or I thought it did…according to this guy that would be 2001: 

ANYWAYS. I’m starting this blog to share information on causes I’m passionate about, life experiences, and probably some random, useless things that I find funny. Hopefully I’ll avoid being too boring.

Since I was too lazy to send out Christmas cards this year, here’s my 2010:
The year began with the announcement of a new sister in the making, thanks to my brother proposing to his lovely fiancée Sianne! She is great and they are perfect together.
In January I stalked and met Linda Carter, inspiring my Wonder Woman costume that Aunt Tami helped me make for halloween!
I returned to China with Rose in March and we took Ruby around the country to visit different doctors and sights. It was hard to leave her, but with God’s help we found her future family here in the US. I'm thankful for their willingness to keep me in her life, and it will be much easier for me to visit her in the future!
With Jenna’s prodding Melissa and I ran the Rock’n’Roll half marathon with her in June.  I was happy with how it went, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing that again!
My sister Rose graduated from nursing school! I’m excited to see what her future holds, I know she’ll be doing some good with those skills.
Mom & Dad both turned 60 this year, and we took a river rafting trip on the King’s River to celebrate. Including a 7 hour road trip with everyone crammed in a car like old times!
I attending the Global Forum on Human Trafficking which open my eyes to a lot of things I can be doing differently to fight slavery and sex trafficking.
I fit in a couple trips to Vegas, including one to the amazing world of Front Sight with a group of family for Uncle Joe’s 50th.
I’ve spent over a year now with my six growth group girls from church, who I’m very thankful for.
I had a great trip to Seattle in October where I got to spend time With Kristy & Todd plus 2.5, Nicole & Vernon, Dede & Jesse, Ryan & Travis, and Sarah & her awesome new house. I got sun half the week and rain half the week, so it was the perfect Seattle experience.
Besides that there was camping, concerts, skydiving, oil painting, and attempts at running with LaiLu. After 8 years of her belligerence I have finally given up. I'm considering strapping her to a tread mill for her own good. I'm very thankful for her, my family and friends, and all the experiences that God has blessed me with this year.

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