Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moved out!

On a ridiculously hot Labor Day in 2007 Melissa and I moved to the house in Pacific Beach.  Later Melissa and David swapped out the position of Sarah's roommate, and with him being married I am moving out and on.  3.5 years is the longest I've lived somewhere since high school.  Grandma and Grandad say it looks just like their cape cod they had in Florida back in the 50's.
Despite the old plumbing and disgusting brown carpet that I'm convinced has been there since the 70's, I have loved living here. The backyard was perfect for LaiLu, laying out in the sun, swimming in our plastic baby pool, and smoking cigars around my fire pit.

Living right near the ocean has been beautiful.  There have been many bike rides down the palm tree-lined Garnett for a margarita or Taco Tuesday. I even had one awesome ride pulling Lailu behind my bike in one of those kid pullers, customized for her by my dad. There was a lot of shopping at the Buffalo exchange, and  also the 5 billion costumes shops that appear out of no where when Halloween comes. Jogging at the bay actually became something to look forward to in the mornings. Though it didn't inspire LaiLu in the same way.

Last weekend I packed up and moved out.  I have to say that I will miss the water, but I'm looking forward to a social atmosphere that's more my style than the frat boy-filled bars of PB.  I pretty much knew that after the first time Melissa and I attempted to go out one night in PB.  Over dressed and confused why everyone was 8-10 years younger than us, we watched as a bouncer ejected a patron out onto the sidewalk where he melted onto the ground and started puking into the palm tree. Good times. The rest of the night consisted of us being repeatedly asked where we went to school.

So good-bye to Pacific Beach and my cute little house.  


  1. Nice little story Sarah! :) Hope you're doing well!

  2. You're growing up, Girl! Time to enjoy the rolling hills and vineyards of your new location! I think you'll like Temecula. It'll be a nice change...a lot like Normal Heights to Sicily ;)