Monday, October 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm finally entirely moved in!  It took 5 months but I've found all the nooks to stack and store my things, hang up my pictures and feel like it's all put together and cozy.

It has been so nice being surrounded by family and friends that are willing to help! So thanks to all of you who spent time helping me.  My parents have been especially great, I'm so thankful to be living near them again and able to take advantage of all the help they've been willing to give!

I love my neighborhood. North Park is known for great art, music, restaurants and bars.  And hipsters.  I really enjoy being in the middle of everything right outside my front door.  And I'm just a mile north of Balboa Park.

I've had so much fun planning  how I wanted my place laid out and decorated. And with the help of Craig's List, ebay and garage sales, I'm really happy how it turned out!

My kitchen.  Maybe one day the oven will get more use. Maybe not!

Dining room with one of my favorite things, the chandelier!  And the Lailu painting shrine.

I think the Coachella print goes nicely in the bathroom. pink.

All my favorite people.

Hops-a-lot bedroom lighting.

A little Rome in the art corner.

The 'Sky Lounge' on the rooftop for barbecues.

So I'm here and happy. And I'm going to let myself live in the fantasy that I will never ever have to do the whole moving process again!!

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