Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Daughter

She is so darn cute. She is shy and pensive sometimes, spunky and a jokester at others. She has this look on her face when she's starting to smile but trying not to that is hilariously adorable.  She's insistent and careful, joyful and reserved. 

Today I officially became Naya's mother.

I'm a mom & she's a daughter!
So thankful for Ruth & Melissa & Rose to have here to share this moment with us.

Yesterday was the day we met and I took her into my life.  She's been in my heart for a while now but it's so amazing to have her here laying beside me as she sleeps and know she is mine.  

Our first moments together she was super shy
I'm so blessed with this beauty.
A little smile spread across her face when she saw her face in my locket.

The morning went amazingly.  The afternoon was hard.  She is mourning and misses her nanny.  She's old enough to realize that this is going to mean leaving all she knows behind.  Even when what you know may not be that great, change is hard.  I look forward to the point that she can smile and laugh all day long, content in her new life. 

Supposed to be napping with Auntie Rose
Snowy, cold & beautiful

Playing hard to get with Aunt Emmy and the water cup
I have no doubt we are going to have a million adventures together.  I love you child!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Almost Home...


I've been dying of impatience the last week.  If you know me, you know I like to have things in order and progressing quickly!  And I've had to just sit here on my hands and wait.  I'll know in the next couple days if I get the Consulate Appointment I requested, and if I do I am leaving for China the 18th and going to get my little girl on January 21st!!

Meanwhile, I guess I haven't exactly been sitting on my hands. I've re-vamped my condo to be child friendly.  Naya's 'room' is ready.  I'm going with pink and colors and elephants.

I had two beautiful showers given to me in Seattle (Thank you Ryan, Kristy, Nicole, Dede, Sarah & Lisa too!!) and San Diego (Thank you Mom, Sianne, Rose, Melissa, Christi, Jenna, & Jessica!!). It's such an overwhelming experience, having everyone there for you, bring gifts to you, loving YOU. It was really remarkable to be given that.

So the clothes are washed and hung, and the toys and books are on the shelves.  All that's missing is this cute face, which I'm about to bring home!