Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One Year Together!!

When I look back at the pictures and video from one year ago today, Naya and I have both come so far and changed so much.  I'm so thankful for her, and the way we have become a part of each other's worlds. Even with the difficult times, it feels like it's been so seamless. Which is really such a miracle.

This little shy girl had so much spunk and sass inside.  It didn't take too long to see that our personalities match perfectly.

Tonight we celebrated our first 'Family Day' with some delicious Chinese food that Rose made, and a cake that Naya picked out.  I gave her a little present from her home province that I bought while we were in China.  I brought home a gift for every year until she's 18, so that is fun to bring out and talk about.  
I've got a picture of all of us together somewhere that I'll have to add.

A dinner-time song courtesy  of Naya.  Apparently she learned it at school:

And Rose caught this moment from that I wanted to re-share:
Tonight we turned on the videos of the first moments we had with Naya.
Naya:  Why I look scared?
Sarah:  Well, you had just met us.
Naya:  (laughing) I not scared any more!!

Thank you FAMILY and FRIENDS for being there for us this last year. And I know you will continue to be.
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Here's a video that I posted a while back, from our first couple weeks together--


  1. She is so precious . I will enjoy following your blog. My granddaughter, Gracie, from China, lives in SanRamon, CA. We live in Pennsylvania, so we miss her a lot. I went along to China to get her. What memories! Blessings