Friday, July 4, 2014

The Home Stretch

Well the last time I updated the blog we had been in the hospital for two weeks. At the end of this month we will (hopefully) be checking out of the hospital after a 5 month stay.

The current plan after returning home will involve 6 out patient therapy visits a week.  We have a ways to go to full recovery, physically and neurologically.  But with the amazing way she has recovered this far, I have faith that those therapies will be a temporary part of life.

As heart wrenching of a road as this has been, there are many things I'm thankful for:

-To God, for bringing miracles to heal Naya when all seemed hopeless, and allowing her to stay on this earth with me.
-My mom, dad and sister for their constant sacrifices and presence here in the hospital with me so that I did not have to try to do this alone.
-Auntie Ryan & Aunt Bunnie for taking multiple trips from Washington to come lend help.
-To Sianne, David, Melissa, my family, friends and church that have always been willing to jump to help us at any moment. You know who you are!!
-The 842 people on my facebook group "Naya's Heart Quest", as well as the local and long distance friends and family that have sent messages, gifts, money, encouraging messages, and MOST of all, prayers.... pleading to the Lord for my daughter's life and recovery.  And I know those people have brought in prayers from THOUSANDS of other people who have been praying for her regularly all these months.  It's been such an astounding thing to me to know that so many people have a heart for my daughter and have gone to bat for her, even so many we have never met.

I know pictures and videos would best show the transformation that Naya has made in the last 5 months. But the few I have taken in the earlier days, I often deleted because they were too painful of a reality to face. And I just don't feel comfortable posting the photos of extremely desperate times that I do have.  But here are a couple I've posted already that do show the change that has occurred with God's healing hand.

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