Thursday, December 31, 2015

NYE in the ICU!

I'm watching Ryan Seacrest's countdown to the new year (on television, unfortunately) and am not sure why I don't know any of the songs that the musicians are playing.  I'm going to blame it on Temecula's lack of clear radio stations versus me being lame.

New Year's Eve has always been one of my favorite nights of the year.  Usually my friend Melissa & I start planning 6 months in advance to know where we are going and what we'll be wearing.  So to be sitting on a hospital bed with Naya knowing that I may not make it until midnight (for the first time as long as I can remember) feels out of character.  Hopefully I'll make up for it next year with a babysitter and some high heels.

Naya had her 5th open heart surgery 3 days ago on December 28th.  It's been a year & a half since we checked out of Rady Children's Hospital after our 5 months stay.  It felt way too soon to come back, but we needed to as a blockage to Naya's aorta had formed, impeding the blood flow.  In Naya's heart the aorta is the only way blood gets out, so it needed to be addressed. 

Her recovery has gone REALLY well, I'm so thankful.  There is one big issue that the doctors say may or may not resolve itself, which is the heart is pacing too slowly.  If that doesn't resolve that means she'll need another surgery and pacemaker (and recovery period) before we can leave.  I'm really praying God will jump start that heart and get us out of here with a heart that beats well on its own.

I was so happy for 2014 to end. 2015 hasn't been awful but also has not been awesome.  If I have a new year's resolution it could be to try to enjoy something about each day of 2016.  I'll definitely start with the blessing of Naya making it through surgery and laying here next to me right now. 

Pain killers help to make a happy new year!
My sister is across the street after puking all day, with dad & my mother with her broken wrist/ribs.

Let's end with a more flattering moment of the year.

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