Friday, December 2, 2016

Generosity & Thankfulness

Thanksgiving was a week ago, but I still wanted to join in on the thankfulness!
Over the last 2+ years that we have been living with the difficulties surrounding Naya's brain injury, I have found myself saying again and again that I've learned about the generosity of people, which I didn't know existed so abundantly.  I've loved seeing how people use their interests and passions and turn them into a ministry for others. It's given me a deep appreciation for the people that think outside of the box of what are generally seen as the “most important” issues, and provide care, relief and FUN in the lives of people who have daily struggles.  I wanted to share some of the blessings we've received from others at little or no cost, thanks to their vision to make life a little easier for families like ours.  It's the things like these that help make our days less difficult, and more fun!

Beach Buggy - Stepping Stones for Stella 
Navigating the beach is going to be fun instead of a struggle!

OCs Special Spokes

Naya can cruise the neighborhood on her bicycle like the rest of the kids


A stroller like this makes getting in & out of a grocery store much
easier than needing to put the wheel chair together each time

Physical Therapy For All
We've got this high end mechanical wheelchair on loan indefinitely!

Cecily's Closet - Belly Bands 
A Hello Kitty g-tube coverup!

 Lend-A-Hand Therapeutic Riding Center
The owner of this center sought out a grant for Naya to get training weekly through 
the rest of the year. I love that Naya has her "thing" while all 
her friends are able to do gymnastics & soccer.

Ronald McDonald House Charities
From housing, to food, to haircuts, the RM House has
been a huge blessing to us multiple times.

Kimberlee Russell  & Riverview church 
Kimberlee puts on an annual Easter Carnival at the Ronald McDonald House
& creates dozens of Easter baskets for hospitalized kids

Caroline’s Carts
These are awesome to have available while shopping.  It's been a while
since I could cram Naya into the kiddie seat
of a shopping cart, and it's not easy to push a wheelchair AND
a shopping cart at the same time! :)
Inclusive Adaptive Parks have popped up all over, making it possible for Naya to swing, and even take her wheel chair up onto playground equipment.

And not to leave out my BIGGEST thank you to all of you, my friends & family, that have been there for us.  You helped me bring Naya home from China, cared for us through sickness & health, housed us, fed us, & loved us.  And Jesus, who is there for us every moment, who has done and WILL do miraculous things for my daughter. 

My DEAR family, and friends that are family, Naya's therapists, her school aide Marie, her teachers. All of you that donated money to our adoption fund, put on garage sales, created/obtained art for me to sell, sold t-shirts, made headbands to sell, threw purse parties, donated profits from business sales, massage therapy, sent gifts and sent meals and brought chocolate while we were hospitalized, and the list goes on, I wish I could remember every act of kindness as this moment to mention it!

This is starting to sound like the end of an academy awards speech or something. But anyways, though I complain regularly, I know in my heart that we have SO MUCH to be thankful for!


  1. Beautiful, amazing, wonderful. Love you, Sarah, and your ridiculous strong little girl. Naya is gonna take the world. :)

    1. thank you Emma! I agree with that, she is going to do some bold work :)