Friday, December 30, 2016

my LaiLu

I had to say good-bye to one of the loves of my life today.

She's gone by a lot of names in her 14 years; LaiLu. Lodi dodi. Lala. Lollee. Piggie.

She loved to swim, eat sticks, run like crazy, bathe in the sun, slide down hills upside down on her back, attack swings, bark at balloons, dig in the sand for rocks, push her nose and fat head into her towel after a bath, burrow through the sand with her face & come up looking like a sand snowman.

She was only allowed on the couch when I took a nap (pre-motherhood, when napping existed).  As soon as I'd lay down she knew she could jump up and wedge herself between myself and the couch. She hogged the bed, until her arthritis got bad and I had to ban her from it so she wouldn't break a leg jumping off.  She prepared me to be a mom.  She kept me warm inside the bottom of my sleeping bag, camping in Washington's cool springtime. She was my companion each night and day, age 25 to nearly 40.  She was my office mate throughout most my art career.  She spent as much time in the car as I did until more recently.  She didn't need anymore cuddles than she wanted for the moment. But she was always there for me to hold when I needed to cry. I was never lonely because I've had her.  She gave me a desire to fight for justice for her breed. She proved to many that a pit bull is love. She was a big sister to Naya Rose. She let me dress her up every halloween. She was proud to show off her fancy boa.

Looking in the direction that she's normally sleeping breaks my heart. All the little things I did for her and because of her will be a reminder of her.

I'm thankful for her life and her love. I buried my face in her neck today and breathed in for the last time on this earth. And I know know know that she is waiting for me.  I can't wait to have her barrel her head into my lap again.

My irreplaceable dog, HalLailujah Barnes
August 5, 2002 ~ December 30, 2016

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